What I’ve learned.

This semester i learned quite a bit about the world of journalism. from the old days of written pieces to the new was of online media, which is rich with video and photo as well as written pieces. i learned that with the news ways of media, anyone can be a journalist. and with the emergence of civic journalists, this trend will only continue to grow.

i believe that i can take the things I’ve learned in this class and use them to produce some interesting articles in the future.

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Production expierences.

I found my experiences in producing news to be a rewarding one, albeit challenging. i found the video piece to be the most difficult and the slide show to be the easiest, with the written piece falling somewhere in between. i am a somewhat strong writer, so i found the written piece to be not too challenging, but it did pose it problems. from getting the right quotes to actually putting them together in a coherent way, the written piece was more work than i had anticipated. the video production was the most time consuming and had the steepest learning curve.

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A Eulogy for Old-School Newsrooms

This article tells of the changes that are happening in the news rooms themselves. while all news media is changing rapidly with the emergence of online technologies, its interesting to see that the actual news rooms themselves are changing as well. while ‘characters’ were once welcome in the newsrooms, there has been a shift towards a more somber and morose newsroom.

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Chapter 12 Online Media

This article was mainly about how news outlets are trying to pull revenue from their online offerings. while some outlets are running advertisements on their web pages, some are creating content that you must pay to view entirely. while their has been a increasing in mobile technologies, the news outlets are trying to jump on this trend by creating feeds specifically for those technologies.

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Journalists formerly known as media

You need to be blogging.

You need to understand search engines.

You need to know Flash and perhaps HTML5.

You need to grasp web metrics like Google analytics.

You need to know how to record audio or edit video

You need to “get” mobile. (“Mobile is going to be big!”)

this article explains and gives advice on the currents shifts in the world of journalism, as well as giving a brief history of journalism. some tips to cope with these changes are change the word ‘readers’ with ‘users’ which is a term that describes the interaction between people and their media better. he also encouraged us to remember that the users know more than you do. there has also been a power shift between the major news out lets and common people. with the rise of civil journalism, any one can be considered a journalist and create news media.

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Distrobution Revolution

This article explains how in the past it was a journalists job to write an article and someone Else’s job to distribute it. this has changed in recent times with news outlets running twitter, facebook and other social media websites. This shift in news distribution to mostly online content has changed the way people consume their news. some news organizations are beginning to have twitter feeds with pay content. While there is no clear-cut best way of monetizing the online news outlets, this shift is becoming great enough for the major outlets to attempt creative strategies to increase revenue.

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Video Explosion.

This article is about the growing increase in video production in journalism. While cameras and video editing technologies are becoming cheaper, this is leading to more citizen journalists using video as a news medium. while print media seems to be dying out, the internet has fostered this growth in news video production.

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This chapter was very informative. The importance of making the interview conversational is an often overlooked facet when writing interview questions. Its best to keep questions open ended and let the person tell their story. with that being said, you never know what will be important, so it is best to bring a recording device to record the entirety of the interview. However, if the interviewee doesn’t want to be recorded, or the presence of a recording device is changing the way the interviewee is telling the story, you may have to write the interview down.  no matter what method you use, some parts that seem important at the time may have no value when it comes time to write your piece, so collect everything you can.

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This was a particularly interesting article that explored the world of grassroots journalism. with technological advances making professional grade products more affordable, everyday citizens are now delving into the world of reporting. with the explosion of online journalism, this new ‘networked journalism’ ( a combination of citizen and professional reporting) is becoming commonplace and leading to an increase in trust and transparency with news outlets.

Essentially reporting is becoming more personal, with increased ways for the public to interact with the news pieces.

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Online Writing Styles. (chapter 6)

I found this article to be rather interesting. It explains how the world of online journalism is starting to create its own voice and style different than traditional print media. I agree with how it would seem online journalism is almost a commentary level of reporting, fostering a much more informal way of telling the news. While traditional outlets stick to the facts in a dry, straightforward way, online media gives room for more personality and innovative styles of writing to show through.

While there are many criticisms of this “way new” style of reporting, i for one welcome it. This could lead to online followers not only reading articles that are interesting to them, but if they like the way a particular person writes, they might be more inclined to read more articles written by that person.

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